5 reasons why Lazio is more than Rome

When you go to Italy, you go to Venice, Tuscany, Sicily and Rome. It’s as easy as that; I fully understand. Until I met Ludwine, crazy in love with Italy and owner of www.anitalianholiday.com. She has a special place in her heart for Lazio, and tried to convince me there’s more to explore in Lazio than Rome. After an amazing holiday I have to admit she’s right. You don’t think so? Definitely after reading my 5 reasons.

1. Because it is a Renaissance gem cradle

Palazzo Farnese

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? The Juliet in me popped up when strolling through Palazzo Farnese. Apart from its unique architecture, Palazzo Farnese also houses gorgeous frescos and stunning gardens. Another Renaissance gem is Villa Lante, whose typical Italian garden is proclaimed as one of the 10 most beautiful gardens in the world.

2. Because it produces one of the best wines ever

God, I love the story of the wine Est Est Est of Montefiascone. When German Bisschop Fugger traveled to Rome, he sent out his servant to find a good inn to stay the night. The servant would mark the door of the inn that served good wine with ‘Est!’ (It’s here!). Fugger arrived to find an inn marked ‘Est! Est!! Est!!!’. Fugger never arrived in Rome, because he stayed the rest of his life in Montefiascone where he literally drank himself to dead.

3. And because these wines are the cheapest ever

Sipping my cheap but tasty est est est

I’m talking about scandalous cheap here. It’s not an exception to find tasty, organic Est Est Est at a lakeside restaurant for 3 euros. Nope, not by the glass… by the bottle. Now we’re talking.

4. Because it has the largest volcanic lake of Europe

And it’s not only about Lago Di Bolsena: the lake is surrounded by picture-perfect villages. Our favorites: Marta for the fresh caught fish, Montefiascone for the incredible view on the lake.

5. Because you don’t need to share these views

Cività di Bagnoregio

Definitely a highlight in Lazio: Cività di Bagnoregio. It is located on a tuffstone plateau, isolated by erosion and earthquakes. As the erosion continues, the picturesque medieval city is also known as ‘la città che muore’ (the city that dies).

Convinced to explore more than Rome in Lazio? I had you at cheap & tasty wine, didn’t I? 😉

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