Hi, we are Lucas & Janis!

About us

Two under 30s, lovebirds, recently moved from Belgium to the UK, London. Excited for and open to international experiences of any kind, whether by traveling, living or working abroad. Janis loves traveling, Lucas loves adventure. Lucas always pushes for a bit more, Janis is always happy to follow.

About CuddlingYaks

The blog started as an update for family & friends when traveling abroad. CuddlingYaks grew as a platform for fellow information & inspiration seekers. Janis takes most of the writing for her, whereas Lucas is the perfect and well-needed back office.

What’s in a name?

On holidays, Janis tends to make a petting zoo of everywhere she goes. She just loves cuddling animals, even the smelliest and dirtiest ones (NO spiders though!). When in Mongolia, her first goal was to cuddle a yak – she never succeeded.

We would love to hear from you too, so please don’ t hesitate to get in touch!