Athens: Beyond the Acropolis

When I thought about possible citytrips in Europe, Athens, the capital of Greece, wasn’t the first destination that popped my mind. I had no idea what to expect other than the Acropolis. Blame Tripadvisor: the top 5 attractions in Athens include a taxi service and a day trip outside Athens – oops. Autumn settled in Belgium, so no better time to find out what to do and visit in Athens, beyond the Acropolis. Spoiler alert: Athens was a treat!

1. Run the Athens Authentic Marathon

Or 5 or 10k if you start sweating by just hearing the word ‘marathon’. The word marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a messenger of Ancient Greece, who ran from Marathonas to Athens to announce the victory of the Greeks over the Persians. The Authentic Marathon follows that course. I cried like a baby when I crawled over the finish in the Panathenaic Stadium.

2. Easy like a Sunday morning: Coffees & cookies

Athens is packed with coffee bars and bakeries – yes baby! Taste everything you can from Takis Bakery and enjoy it with a coffee or ten in Drupes & Drips across the street. All day long.

3. Strefi Hill

I was a bit cranky when Lucas guided us uphill to the top of Strefi Hill… After the marathon. This off the beaten track spot offers an amazing panoramic view of the city and the Acropolis. Without doubt the best sunset in Athens and beyond.

4. Local cuisine in Atitamos

When we asked for the best time to go out for dinner, our Airbnb host told us that “in Athens, people eat all day, all night long”. So did we. Eat ALL the mezze, souvlaki and other Greek specialties. We can highly recommend Atitamos: friendly personel, delicious food and cosy atmosphere.

5. A for Athens Bar

This blog concerns Athens beyond the Acropolis, but the view of the Acropolis dominates the city like a charm. We said goodbye to the city in A for Athens Bar, a trendy skybar that offers delicate cocktails and incredible views of the Acropolis.

Which of these five things would you prefer to do? What would you suggest in Athens?

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