Chengdu, more than pandas

Chengdu, I loved that city. Most tourists make a stop in Chengdu to go to see the pandas. Don’t rush to the next stop, the heart of the Sichuan Province has plenty to offer.

Wenshu Yuan Monastery

The Buddhist Wenshu Temple consists of three complexes, surrounded by teahouses and a classical Chinese garden. You can have a vegetarian meal in the canteen with the monks.

Tianfu Square

Tianfu Square is the symbol of Chengdu. It is enormous, surrounded by skyscrapers and fancy boutiques. In the evening, you can enjoy the show of the musical fountain. The songs are composed to glorify the prosperity and rapid development of the city.

People’s Park

Grab a picnic and enjoy daily life in People’s Park. It is the place to be for locals to gather and enjoy spare time. They love it when you take part in the dancing 🙂 I found the karaoke especially entertaining. The crowd cheers, sings and buys plastic flowers to encourage the singer.

Big and Small Alley

Wide and Narrow Alley are packed with (expensive) shops, bars and restaurants. The architecture is typical, but not authentic Chinese. A bit too commercial for my taste, but nice to stroll around.

Top pick: Jinli night market

The outdoor market in Jinli Street is so beautiful! Once the sun is down, hundreds of lanterns and lights up in the trees light the marketplace and the traditional-style buildings. Very romantic and cozy! There are plenty of small food stalls with local, tasty snacks.

I wonder if you have already been in Chengdu? Did you like the city as much as I did?

09/05/2015 | BY JANIS

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