Black patches around the eyes, nibbling on bamboo and acting all clumsy. I must be talking about the world’s most adored animal, the giant panda. Boy, do I love these fluffs! Celebrating my birthday on holiday in China was unique on its own, but visiting the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding truly was the cherry on top of my birthday cake.

The giant panda is an endangered species, threatened by continued habitat loss and very low birth rate. An estimate of 1,600 pandas live across the globe, of which 70% in the Sichuan Province, China. Put the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on your bucket list now! The Panda Base is located in a peaceful, beautiful, natural environment. It’s the perfect place to see the rare panda bears yourself. The Giant Panda Museum provides good information about the species too.

We took an early bus from our hostel in Chengdu to arrive when the pandas woke up and were fed. It’s one of few moments during the day they are ‘active’. Cubs are born between July and November, and we were lucky to see a few. Cuteness overload! The poor red pandas are a little underrated, but we enjoyed our visit to them just as much.

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