From Chengdu we took a bus to our next stop: Mount Emei Scenic Area. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful park filled with Chinese gardens and Buddha statues. After climbing hundreds of steep steps, we got to the Oriental Buddha. It is carved out of the rocks in 600 BC. A couple of Buddha’s and steps later, we arrived at the main attraction of the park.

The Leshan Giant Buddha Statue is almost 80 m high, making it the largest stone Buddha statue in the world. It took 90 years for the monks to carve the statue out of the rocks. Why? Out of superstition. It’s located at the confluence of three rivers (Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi) which caused ships to sinks due to underwater swirls. We had to wait for more than an hour in the burning sun to reach the statue. More than worth it! Seeing the statue from above, from the staircase and from ground level is very impressive. We wonder how people were ever able to do this with their bare hands.

On our way back we passed some sort of wishing well. People were trying to toss a coin in the mouth of a bizarre dog/dragon/frog-like creature. We decided to give it a go and… from the first time succeeded! The onlooking crowd was impressed and started clapping and cheering for us. It was a very special moment 🙂 Fingers crossed our wish will come true!

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