Favorites to stay the night: China

Staying the night somewhere is often purely functional. I love it when the accommodation becomes the experience.

Four places to spend the night in China


Sleeper trains. We traveled 6 weeks in China by train, some of them comfortable, some of them ab-so-lu-tely NOT. Despite the latter, I would do it again. Staying the night in sleeper trains is money and timesaving, and a must-do experience on its own.


Xian Qixian International Youth Hostel. Aka 7 Sages. The hostel in Xian breathes charisma: it is located in a classic Chinese row house and once was command post for one of the renowned red army troops. We stayed in a private double room that was very comfortable and clean, especially the bathroom with rainshower. Combine that with a good quality restaurant/bar, great atmosphere and good staff, and you’re not surprised that it’s in the list of best hostels worldwide.


On top of a mountain. Trekking to the top of Emeishan and Huangshan were amazing experiences. According to me, there is no better way to celebrate the achievement of the hike than staying the night a bit below the top of the mountain, wake up in the middle of the night to continue the trek, and see the view from the top at sunrise. If lucky, you can stay in a temple.


Couchsurfing in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is expensive to stay, and expensive to live. Our hosts shared bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with us, in a place not bigger than 16m². Booking your overnight stay via Couchsurfing or Airbnb is a great way to meet locals, get to know daily life and find the best places to eat, drink and discover the cosmopolitan.

What was your favorite place to stay in China and Hong Kong?

08/06/2015 | BY JANIS

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