Our favourite landmark in London

London’s skyline is one that keeps locals and tourists equally in awe. Our favourite landmark in London must be the Gherkin. Or the Shard. Maybe London Eye? Triple nope! The one and only landmark that makes our hearts beat faster is… Battersea Power Station. Are you blinking your eyes to check if you read that correctly? Hold your horses.

Looks familiar? Battersea Power Station is the backdrop of Pink Floyd’s album ‘Animals’. Lucas and I found out when we were browsing through the vinyl our neighbour sells – he has a quirky shop named Eclectica where he sells anything he loves. One day Lucas found a ‘best of’ vinyl of the Beach Boys for a pound. Best.day.ever! Back to Battersea Power Station.

The industrial palace is from no other hands than that of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also designed the red telephone boot and what now is Tate Modern. After 30 years of neglect the giant is brought back at the epicenter of London’s commercial and cultural life. We went to check out the June Food Festival with free hot beverages for every visitor and a gin bar that serves London distilled Kew and Dodds Gin & Tonic for only 5 pounds! Convinced now?

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