Goodbye Belgium, hello London

I have been living in London for two months now (cliché alert!), but it feels as if it was yesterday I got the news. “I have the job… in London” I tell Lucas while not being sure if I should smile or cry. He answers my enthusiastic panic in the same state of mind. Should we go for it?

The decision wasn’t an easy one to make. I could find myself desperately clinging on to my life in Belgium as if it was the last remaining raft at sea while everything spinned around me like a tsunami. I loved my life in Belgium; why the hell should I leave that behind? The universe helped me out sending messages (or it was probably just me being more open to it): a notebook with ‘Just imagine’ on the cover, a postcard with ‘When everything is unsure, everything is possible’. Our decision was made: goodbye Belgium, hello London!

A thousand amazing things happened since then. My life in London has officially taken off. I said my goodbyes to my lovely family, friends and home two weeks ago, and hubby Lucas moved in a week ago. And you know what? I love my life in London too.

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  1. Otto
    Otto says:

    Enjoy life there – we’ll surely visit! Don’t forget to keep on traveling, also outside of the UK! Btw: is that a clear view on the Eye from your place (what!?), or do you walk shoeless in every museum?


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