Ah technology, what would I be without you? As strongly as I rely on Citymapper in London (I would literally be lost without), I relied on the following 6 apps in Iceland.

1. Maps.Me

An offline map and navigation app; well needed when you have no signal/4G. We created a map with our itinerary with Google My Maps and imported that map to Maps.Me.

2. Vegagerdin

A must-have if you will be driving in Iceland yourself, especially during winter. It displays the road conditions with colour coding and webcams, both updated frequently.

3. Veður

The weather in Iceland is as changeable as my mood when hungry. Long term forecasts aren’t accurate, so first thing to do in the morning is to check Veður.

4. 112 Iceland

Whether used for a hike or on the road, always safety first. The simple app has two buttons: green to leave your location, red for emergencies, which will send your location to the 112 response center.

5. Be Iceland

A guide in your pocket. Based on your location it suggests places to eat, sleep and discover. Super useful to find practical things like nearby shops, ATM’s and toilets.

6. My Aurora Forecast & Alerts

Obviously. The app gives a long term forecast based on the maximum potential KP (geomagnetic activity) as well as short term viewing probability based on cloud coverage and KP. My eyes were constantly peeled on the app, and we were lucky enough to see the Aurora 6 times on a 12-day trip!

Let me know if they were useful! Any apps you would recommend?

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