Of all the awesome memories of Iceland, the hot pot we ended our trip with is one of the best. Iceland is dotted with hot pots; natural geothermal pools or hot springs. Soaking in an Icelandic hot pot is an experience that doesn’t compare to any other. Often in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Iceland’s majestic environment, you don’t need to worry about anything else than letting the warm water heat you up while taking the awesomeness in. Lucas and I decided to skip expensive and crowded Blue Lagoon and hunt for these natural, remote hot pots instead.

In the Southeast of Snaefellsnes peninsula (a ring road detour that we would highly recommend!) we went to one of Iceland’s finest hot pots: Landbrotalaug Hot Springs. Close to the parking area there is a bigger natural pool that fits about 10 people – it even has a ‘tap’ that allows to add some extra warm water. However, the true magic hides in the landscape a bit further. The small spring fitted just the two of us, with a comfortable temperature of 38°C. Isolated from the road and the bigger pool this made for a cosy and quite romantic soak. I can imagine it to get busy in summertime, so go early in the morning or late in the evening/night to claim it 😉

How to get to Landbrotalaug Hot Springs

GPS: 64.8331, -22.31619

From the Ring Road

It’s a 34 minute detour from Road 1, the Ring Road. North of Borgarnes leave Road 1 and take Road 54 to Stykkishólmur. After a 27 minute drive you will pass Road 55 on your right hand side. Continue on Road 54 for another minute and take the first street on your left, Road 5644 – a little sign next to the road reads ‘Stóra-Hraun’. Follow that road for 5 minutes and take the first one left driving another minute until you arrive at the small parking lot.

From Snaefellsnes

It’s an 8 minute detour from Road 54, the road that circles around Snaefellsnes peninsula. If you come from touring Snaefellsnes counter clockwise (i.e. taking Road 54 direction South), you need to turn the road right, just before crossing a small stream. A little sign next to the road reads ‘Geiteyri’, indicating the road you need to take. Follow that road for about 7 minutes and take the first one right driving another minute until you arrive at the small parking lot.

There are plenty of awesome hot pots to discover in Iceland! The dedicated website http://hotpoticeland.com/ gives an overview of swimming pools and natural pools scattered around Iceland. Unfortunately it’s not mobile friendly, but it helps when looking for a soak.

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