Below is the route of our 12-day trip in Iceland. We started with a citytrip in Reykjavik. Next up: the majestic road trip driving the Ring Road from the dramatic black sand beaches in the South, to the breathtaking fjords in the East, continuing to the desolated North and circling back West to Reykjavik, adding the spectacular Ring Road detour to Snaefellsnes.

In the South we drove an average of a comfortable 2 hours a day. The drive from the South to the East fjords took more time (+/- 5 hours) due to the icy conditions on the road as well as our decision to stay in Egilsstadir instead of the southern part of the fjords. In the North on our way from Myvatn to Saudarkrokur we drove the peninsula, again adding time on the road (+/- 4 hours). The longest trip was from Saudarkrokur to Snaefellsnes as we conquered snow and ice on smaller roads leading to the peninsula: 6 hours. Fear not: not a second on the road in Iceland feels like a lost one, with breathtaking vistas joining you throughout the journey.

As you can see we sticked mostly to the Ring Road. We haven’t tackled the West fjords and Highlands yet… One of many reasons to book a second trip to Iceland (ASAP please!).

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