One of the world’s most epic road trips must be driving the Ring Road in Iceland. The 1.332 km/828 mi long Hringvegur circles around the island, connecting Iceland’s major attractions. Steaming geysers, roaring waterfalls, snow capped mountains, stretched black lava fields and glacial rivers – the list is endless. Hungry for more? Add a little detour to Snæfellsnes Peninsula like we did – here’s why.

1. Stykkisholmur

The town with the cute name is arguably one of the prettiest in Iceland (pic on top). Hike to the lighthouse on top of Súgandisey Island to appreciate the sight of the town and its incredible surroundings.

2. Kirkjufell

Said to be the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Maybe because of its appearance in Game Of Thrones as ‘Arrowhead Mountain’, maybe because of its unique shape and ever-changing colours, or maybe because you can capture this bad boy in one shot. Reasons aplenty!

3. Restaurant Bjargarsteinn

If you want to save money when traveling to Iceland, one of the biggest savings is self-catering. If you only have dinner in a restaurant in Iceland once, have it here! It’s perfectly located in Grundarfjörður with unbeatable Kirkjufell views. The Icelandic menu is focused on locally sourced ingredients – and don’t get me started on the adorable table setting with puffin napkins!

4. Budakirkja

I just love this picture: the good on the right, the bad on the left – a bit of a Hitchcock scene. Budakirkja, one of three black churches in Iceland, is well worth the visit.

5. Seal spotting at Ytri Tunga

Ytri Tunga is the name of a farm, known for the beach behind it which is home to a seal colony. The best time to spot the seals is June, July and August, but a bit of good luck and patience introduced us to a new friend in November too!

6. Landbrotalaug Hot Spring

Iceland is dotted with natural geothermal pools, also called hot pots. Landbrotalaug Hot Spring in Snæfellsnes is our personal favourite – many more to explore though!

Trust me on this one; it’s worth it!

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