Ah, CuddlingYaks.com. My baby. My sweet, dear baby. Completely ignored and neglected for a year now. I’m one heck of a mother.

I wrote a hundred blogs the past year. In my head. When travelling, when drinking coffee, when lying awake at night. How bad I felt for not publishing content. How stupid I felt for not writing anything down. But hey, I was too busy living.

We did more exploring than ever. I discovered the bliss of solo travel with a couple of days in Barcelona, Lisbon, and soon Paris. Both of us discovered the bliss of England; taking every opportunity for a weekend away. From rough coast and stunning cliffs in Devon and Dorset to pointy peaks in the Lake District. From picturesque villages in the Cotswolds to historical beauty in Kent. What a delight it has been to explore home. Scotland exceeded all expectations, written in memory as one of the most beautiful road trips we ever did – 14 days of sunshine included. Never before was the hiking so good, the wild camping so wild, the seafood so fresh.

Speaking of exceeding expectations: our wedding. Swiftly followed by the cherry on top of the cake: our honeymoon in Costa Rica. A journey full of jungle and wildlife, fresh fruits, friendly Ticos, tropical beaches, rice and beans, and more rice and beans. Did I mention the rice and beans?

Baby, I have so much to tell you.

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