Back in Ulan Bator, it hit us that our breathtaking journey in Mongolia was soon to be over. We said our goodbyes to Ojona, our driver, and the Russian van that surprisingly enough had survived the ordeal. Afterwards, we went to Tsonjin Boldog. It’s the place where it is said that Chinggis Khaan found his golden whip, with which he conquered his empire. The statue was build as a reminder of Chinggis’ great power. It is a 40m high silver statue of Chinggis Khaan on horseback. It’s the world’s largest statue of a horse. You can walk to the head of the horse through its chest and neck. Perfect to admire the statue from up close and have a great panoramic view. The contrast between the shiny monument and the desolate surroundings are worth the visit.

Kusthain National Park is easy to reach: it’s only a one-hour drive from Ulan Bator.

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