Are you looking for a tour operator that can arrange a private driver and guide in Mongolia? Then have a look at the list of tour operators we have contacted below. It can spare you some precious time searching for contact details and price indications. Prices indicated are based on our route with everything included, and can of course change depending on your criteria.

Lower price tier

  • Sunpath Mongolia

[email protected]

$ 80 / day / person

  • Horse Trails Mongolia

[email protected]

$ 95 / day / person

  • Manlai Tour

[email protected]

$ 95 / day / person

-> We bumped into some bad reviews, so maybe do a double check before you decide on booking with them.

Average to higher price tier:

  • Happy Camel (seems to also use the name Backpacker Mongolia)

[email protected]

$ 115 / day / person

  • Dream Mongolia

[email protected]

$ 128 / day / person

High price tier:

  • Selena Travel

[email protected]

$ 208 / day / person

  • Mongolian Secret History

[email protected]

$ 215 / day / person

We eventually went for Dream Mongolia and can warmly recommend it.

Very curious to hear your experience with tour operators in Mongolia?

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  1. Vinayak Bhardwaj
    Vinayak Bhardwaj says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and information.
    I have sent a mail to Dream Mongolia asking about the tours they offer. How much time does it take to receive a response?

    We will be in Mongolia from August 8 to 18. We think a 4 day tour plus experience of UB is good enough for first time. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you

    I am from India and my partner is from Japan. We will travel to Mongolia from Japan.

    • Janis
      Janis says:

      Hi Vinayak! Great to read the blog post was helpful. Back then we received answers from all tour operators reasonably fast – within a week max. I would recommend to spend most of your time outside UB and book an 8-day tour instead. With limited time, limit yourself to either North or South Mongolia. Have a look at our itinerary to see what you fancy. I think sticking to the South, i.e. the Gobi desert would be a very good option to get a taste of Mongolia´s delights! Enjoy – it´s a very unique journey! Janis


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