The journeys Lucas and I have made were ALL amazing, but Mongolia was a very special, unique experience. Start packing after reading these 6 reasons to travel to Mongolia NOW:

1. Nomadic culture

50% of the Mongolian population lives in the capital Ulan Bator, 25% lives in rural towns. The remaining 25% are nomads who roam the beautiful landscapes, looking for a suitable place to graze their herds. The nomadic culture is magnificent: the nomads are one with nature and their herds, live in pure simplicity in gers and are the most hospitable people you will probably ever meet. You will be invited for a cup mare’s milk (called airag) and homemade dairy products for sure!

2. Animals, a lot of them

Mongolia is often called the land without fences. Nomads let their herds graze freely in nature, so everywhere you look are tons of animals. Sheep and goats, cows and horses, and yaks and camels too, waiting to be cuddled by you. Well now, at least you can try…

3. Raw scenery

Except for Ulan Bator and small provincial towns Mongolia is 100% nature. Taiga in the North of the country, steppe in the East, desert in the South and mountains in the West; for each his own. The majority of car trips is on unpaved roads, where you can easily drive without seeing other people for days. The number of herds on the other hand, is countless.

4. Off the grid

Have you ever wondered if you can go through life without a smartphone, tablet or laptop? You can find out the answer in Mongolia! We had days, even weeks with no connection on our mobile phones, let alone internet connection. And it really didn’t matter. Leave work and the fear of missing out behind and immerse yourself completely into the experience!

5. Throat Singing

You might have heard of throat singing; a singing technique developed in Central and North-East Asia. Once you’ve seen an artist perform live, you will be beaten speechless! In Mongolia, they master the art of throat singing like no one else!

6. In full development

Although tourism only takes babysteps in Mongolia, it is a country in full development. It is uncertain how long the nomadic culture, unspoiled nature, … will be able to remain. Take your chances NOW to admire Mongolia in its raw, ancient character!

Guys, trust me, if it wasn’t already, put Mongolia on your bucket list NOW!

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