On our first day in Ica we enjoyed the blue skies and warm sun at the swimming pool of our heaven on earth home-stay. A couple of hours before sunset we headed to Huacachina; a dreamy desert oasis. The lagoon is ringed by palm trees, shops and restaurants. There are plenty of activities to do in Huacachina, like rowing boats on the lagoon, sandboarding your way down the dunes or getting an adrenaline rush in a thrilling dune buggy ride. We prefer it old fashioned and hiked the burning hot sand dunes. Far away from the crowds we settled atop one of the dunes to see the sun set over the perfectly wind-sculpted landscape; what a treat.

Our second day we found out that Ica is home of contrasts: less than 1 inch rain per year, but an agricultural miracle and Peru’s leading and best wine producer. Our host, Luis, took us and two lovely fellow travelers to Ica’s bodegas (wineries). The best season to visit the bodegas is during the grape harvest from late February until early April. We were a bit too late, but that didn’t make it less worth the visit. Luis took us to one industrial and two artisan bodegas, all including tastings. Peruvian wine, even the medium-dry, is too sweet to our taste, but that was largely compensated by the pisco 😉 We ended the day with another ceviche and chucharron (fried fish).

Few make the stop in Ica, would you?

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