Seeing London with fresh eyes

When you’re new in a school, company, relationship or place as in our case, you notice things. You’re seeing it with fresh eyes. Jumping beyond my third month of living in London I can tell I am already getting infused (brainwashed) by London and the new company I’m working for. I want to remember my fresh eyes experience before it’s gone, so here we go.

Things I notice being new to London

Pushing your way in the tube no matter how packed it already is at rush hour (sure, I can fit that one inch space between the door and someone’s armpit) | Opening hours beyond 6 pm and weekdays | How everyone hates cyclists except for cyclists (I’m with you Lycra-warriors!) | The use of the word ‘pudding’ | The closeness of parks and green spaces | The tube is the busiest yet loneliest place on earth | How annoyingly slow tourists are | Or how little patience everyone has | British-English was a lie: it’s infused with Punjabi, Mandarin, Dutch or any of a plethora of ethnicities represented in London | The holy tube code i.e. commuter etiquette | There are almost no garbage cans yet little street waste in Zone 1 | Contactless payment | The efficiency of public transport, Oyster card included | How wonderful it is that most museums are free of charge | City foxes | Carpet. Everywhere. | The bus as an acceptable transport option | That I speak about London as if it is a country | The price of alcoholic beverages | The price for everything in fact | The accuracy of zip codes | A quintessentially British thing: the pub as social hub, no matter the occasion or the day of the week | How easy it is to fall in love with the city and call it home.

What did or do you notice in London, as a tourist or newbie Londoner?

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