Sleeper trains in China: tips & tricks

Taking sleeper trains is a unique experience! Sometimes a bit adventurous too 🙂 We are happy to share some tips & tricks on how to make the very best of it:

1. Luggage is stored in racks over the seats (soft / hard seaters) or in the aisle (hard sleepers). Anyone can take your bags, so maybe bring a padlock – just to be sure, to ease the mind.
2. From your bed, you can’t reach your luggage. Prepare a separate, carry-on bag to keep with you. Just pack the essentials. Toothbrush, tissues,… anything you might need at night.
3. Pack flip-flops. Believe me: you DON’T want to go on bare feet or socks in the aisle or toilet.
4. Speaking of toilets, bring toilet paper!
5. Free boiling water is available in any sleeper train. Bring instant coffee, tea or soup, and most important: bring instant noodles. Very handy as an on-the-go meal or mid-night snack.
6. Our personal favorite: take a point-it book with you – and pack it in your carry-on luggage. Foreign passengers (especially when in hard seaters or sleepers) are seen as a curiosity. Fellow passengers will likely want to talk to you, so give it a go! Your point-it book will come in very handy, unless you speak Chinese. They love it when you show pictures of family and home.

Looking for more information? Take a look at Sleeper trains in China: classes & facilities and Sleeper trains in China: reading & ordering tickets too!

11/06/2015 | BY JANIS

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