Struggles of a travel blogger blows out its 1st anniversary candle! A good time to eat cake, and reflect about the adventure. I must say, managing a travel blog is 10 times harder than I expected it to be…

Because I’m a rookie

Starting a blog doesn’t go over one night ice (that’s a Dutch saying). Making the blog look attractive and user friendly, learning to take better pictures and getting in the groove of frequently blogging. It takes quite some time and energy to build it up from the start.

Because I’m insecure

“Is this picture good enough? Is this blogpost interesting enough? Do I need to provide more information, or more personal experiences?” The train of thoughts never stops. Let it gooo, Janis!

Because I’m picky

A perfectionist, with eye for detail. Sounds like a good characteristic, but not helping me. At all. I reread every sentence I wrote. I reread every blogpost I wrote. 10 times, at least. A sloth would blog faster than me if it would learn how to type.

Because I prefer the journey over the blog

Licking the remains of my plate before capturing the dish, getting lost in the streets without marking where to go, or enjoying some time off without spending it at my laptop to blog. The journey itself stays priority n° 1, causing frequency and volume to lag behind sometimes.

Because I’m not full time traveling

CuddlingYaks is on fire when abroad. A little bit less at home. Because climbing my pile of laundry is a lot less exciting than climbing Fansipan in Vietnam or Emeishan in China.

Wondering if you recognize the struggle? 🙂

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