When Lucas and I got married, we chose to not have a guestbook, but have a bucket list instead. We invited our guests to share ideas, plans for date nights, but most importantly: adventures. Excited as we were, we promised to complete the list in a lifetime. I can’t wait to execute some of the ideas (dance your first dance naked), while I pray for some of them to never happen (have four babies). Sharing the bucket list our family and friends put us up with – and keeping track of progress here:

  • A night of poker in London
  • Tubing in Laos
  • Go for Ethiopian food
  • Have kids
  • Swim dates
  • Eat a picnic with us at St. Dunstan
  • Take a picture with your wedding dress on every continent
  • Organize a picnic in the botanical garden with the ‘Mechelaars’
  • Romantic night with candlelight when Lucas cooks Janis a super nice meal
  • Romantic night with candlelight when Janis cooks Lucas a super nice meal
  • Repeat your wedding in 50 years. Celebrating your jubilee anywhere in the world.
  • Create a choreography on ‘Heal the world’ and teach us
  • Start a startup together
  • Run a second marathon
  • Make up songs for each other
  • End every day with a little kiss
  • Find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • Have a party in your wedding dress and suit every single year
  • Dance your first dance naked
  • Ride a hot air balloon and take beautiful pictures
  • Take a selfie with Harry and Meghan
  • Date in 5 years in Battersea Arts Centre
  • Take every wedding anniversary a ‘looking at the future’ picture and share it
  • Drink way too much during dinner and really spill your hearts out. That’s love!
  • Date with your brother
  • A monthly foot massage for Janis
  • Lucas: Become a cucboy
  • Duo paraglide in Slovenia
  • Dinner or drink date in Mechelen with the most fun cousin and his girlfriend
  • Escape from the ‘Gouden Kooi’
  • Make babies and do crazy things with them
  • Visit every continent – and share the aftermovie with us
  • Visit us for a night of board games
  • Go to a wedding in another country the day after four days of non-stop festival -> touché
  • Dance ‘Heal the world’ on every wedding anniversary
  • A week in Tuscany with your friends
  • Learn a minimum of Russian words and test them out on a trip to an ex-Soviet Union country
  • Stay at our place in Kortrijk
  • Visit Wakken 
  • Have four babies
  • Visit Gunkanjima Island
  • Travel to Antarctica
  • Finish the ‘Dodentocht’
  • Run the London Marathon together

And then of course, there was a bet on when and where we would move next. Some thought Australia, some thought New York. And some people’s thoughts were spot on: Sweden. Sad to say we will leave London. Excited to say we will move to Stockholm next month!

More about The Swedish Chapter on the blog soon!

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